If you want to save a little cash around the holidays, you can do some things to keep your list a little smaller. When it comes to friends and distant relatives, you might want to consider gifts that are made for more than one person. That means you don’t have to buy a separate gift for each member of the household. You can find gifts for the family if you know a larger family and you just can’t find it within your budget to buy for all of them, and you can also buy a Christmas gift for a couple rather than getting two separate things.

When it comes to buying for couples, you might find things to be easier than you thought. While each person in a couple is an individual, couples always have some common interests. What one person needs might not be something the other likes, but there has to be something they do together, or that drew them together in the first place. If you can figure out what those things are, you are well on your way to buying the perfect Christmas gift for the couple. Remember to keep it simple or you might go out of your mind trying to choose.

If you don’t know a couple very well or consider them to be casual friends, this is definitely the way to go. You can normally find some sort of food gift to give them that they will appreciate. Do they drink wine? If so, you can get them a bottle of their favorite, or a case if it is within your price range. If they enjoy pasta, you can get them a gift set with different pastas and sauces. Some like the traditional meat and cheese sets and those can be a great gift as well. As long as you keep their style and their likes in mind, something is out there that will be perfect for them and perfect as a Christmas gift for the couple.

You should also think about things that they need when thinking about a Christmas gift for the couple. Did you go camping with them last year and notice they could use a larger tent? That might be the perfect gift. Did they decline a dinner invitation to their favorite restaurant because they can not afford to go very often? Get them a gift certificate. A gift will be good if it is something that they can use together. Don’t get something only one will like and put both names on it, but rather, take some time to think of what they love together and the ideas will come to you rather quickly.

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