Writing good sales copy is not an art, it is a science. There is no reason to get creative here. You want to follow the formula that has been proven to work.

Nevertheless, I am always surprised at how many sales letters on the internet can be improved upon.

Here is a list of some helpful tips when writing your own sales copy:

Make your Unique Selling Point (USP) very clear. Separate yourself from your competition. What is it that makes your product stand out from the others?

Transfer Ownership. Your sales copy should make your reader imagine they have already bought your product. Use the word ”you” often. Such as ‘you need’, ‘your results’, ‘you will achieve’, ‘you will feel’, etc. This way they’ll already become emotionally attached before they buy. This is precisely why people who sell products at online auctions start their bids extremely low. Once someone has placed a bid they imagine they own the product and are more likely to participate in a bidding war.

Turn your sales copy into a story. This will draw them in without them even noticing you are selling them something. They’ll already be interested when they get to your sales pitch.

Create Urgency. Make sure you show your reader that they are getting a bargain. Tell them the usual price you sell your product for is $99. Then tell them if they order today they can buy it for $69.95.

Direct your attention-grabbing headline to a specific target audience. Your readers will feel important that belong to a select group of people who buy your product. For example; “New Teachers! Discover the Simple Strategies You Can Use Right Now to End Discipline Problems Forever!”

Tell your reader how fast they can receive your product or service. Their buying decision may be based on how fast they can receive your product. They may need it by a certain deadline.

Sell with BENEFITS. A benefit is not what the product does, a benefit is something the product does for you. Use bullets to highlight your product or services benefits. Benefits are the key to selling anything; make them stand out in your copy. You can use dots, dashes, or circles to highlight them.

Completely remove the risk of purchasing your product. Give a money-back guarantee that surpasses a normal one. Instead of the normal timed guarantee, give them extra back. Tell them they can keep the free bonuses or give them an extra-long guarantee such as a one-year guarantee, or even a lifetime guarantee.

Create added value with bonuses. Tell your reader they’ll receive surprise bonuses. This’ll raise your reader’s curiosity and make them want to buy so they can find out what the surprise bonuses are. Just make sure the bonuses are related to your product!

Let your reader know this specific package will not be offered again. You must create urgency so people buy now. You may always sell the same product but not with the same bonuses or price.

Establish credibility. Give your readers a couple of tips in your sales copy that will help them with their problems. This will give you and your business credibility and gain your readers trust to buy your products or services.

Oh, yeah! Don’t Forget to Ask For The Order!

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