There are many causes of stress. Stress is caused by various sources and causes. It could be due to events in your life, as the situation that created stress is still present for you.

Psychological stress: Psychological stress can occur because of the lifestyle changes you have made such as marriage, changes in career, etc. Stress is often found among co-workers or at home. This can be a cause of work-related stress as the demands are higher and there is no respite from work pressures. The anxiety and worry can become so intense that it becomes stressful.

Physiological stress: There are many instances of this type of stress. It could be due to a health condition like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc. Physical disorders can create stress in people. This is the major cause of stress and anxiety.

Other types of stress can be caused by work-related factors like long hours of working, extra demands, and other situations where it is difficult to cope with the demands of life. If your career change requires a change in lifestyle, you might suffer from stress due to the new lifestyle. Life changes can bring down the quality of life and it is difficult to adjust to them. Therefore, people are more likely to have stress.

Change of place or relocation can be another source of stress, especially if this change is abrupt. Some people cannot tolerate moving from one place to another, so they would lose their job or face other problems. People need to be prepared for the move so that they can cope with it. If they do not have adequate time to get used to a new environment, they might face problems like difficulty in coping with their surroundings. If they lose their job, they face many problems, which include increased stress and tension.

Another cause of stress is due to emotional reasons like dissatisfaction due to lack of financial reasons. Lack of money creates negative effects on an individual and affects his or her way of thinking and behavior. Therefore, when finances become a problem, they tend to suffer a lot, resulting in psychological stress.

Stress can also be caused by stress-related illnesses like severe depression, anxiety, nervousness, hyperventilation, etc. People often experience mental stress and this is why medications are available to relieve this kind of stress.

The stress experienced is generally internal, but when it becomes external and in a physical state, it becomes psychological stress. The external causes of stress include deadlines, personal or professional conflicts, and family problems. An individual would have both physical and psychological stress. They feel uneasy about it because it does not relate to the physical world.

Excessive smoking is a common manifestation of stress. It results in toxins and environmental pollution, which can result in stress. In addition, people tend to smoke more when stressed.

Most people feel tired and exhausted after a stressful day at work. Therefore, a lot of employees are now opting for relaxation exercises to reduce stress. Yoga and breathing exercises are very helpful.

The most common factor that creates stress is loneliness. You might be experiencing stress by not being with people, talking to strangers, having things thrown at you, etc. However, if there is someone who you are familiar with, and you feel the pull of them, you tend to be much more relaxed and it brings stress relief.

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